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Optoelectronic Device Manufacturer
Optoelectronic Device Manufacturer

Wuhan Shengshi Optical Communication Technology Co., Ltd is a professional laser diode equipment manufacturer in China. We specialize in the development, production, and sales of photoelectric components. Our large selection of performance gadgetry includes the DFB pigtailed laser diode device, butterfly pigtailed laser diode module, InGaAs coaxial plug in diode laser module, and the InGaAs coaxial pigtail laser detector diode .We offer OEM and ODM services and strictly adhere to ISO9001 quality management standards. The DFB pigtailed laser diode device utilizes the diffraction grating as a wavelength selective element, enabling single longitudinal lasing mode.

New Products
  • 1550nm Laser Module for OTDR

    1. High output power Pf=60mW @IFP=400mA
    2. Long wavelength λC=1550 nm
    3. Built-in/out monitor PD
    4. Pulsed Conditions: Pulsed width (PW) =10 μs, Duty=1%...

  • 1625nm Pulse Laser for OTDR

    1. High output power Pf =20mW @ IFP = 400mA
    2. Long wavelength λC = 1625 nm
    3. Built-in monitor PD
    4. Pulse Conditions: Pulse width (PW) = 10 μs, Duty = 1%...

  • T1330nm/T1270nm BOSA

    1. High-reliability CWDM-DFB laser chips
    2. Low noise, low distortion Low threshold current
    3. Integrated optical Isolator
    4. Coaxial pigtail package...

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