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600-795nm Laser Diodes

    1. 650nm Pigtailed Laser Diode Module
    2. 650nm Pigtailed Laser Diode Module The maximum output power of 650nm pigtailed laser diode module can reach 20 mw, which is widely used in light sources and instruments. Different types of fibers and connectors can be customized on the basis of customers' needs.
    1. 635nm Pigtailed Laser Diode Module
    2. 635nm Pigtailed Laser Diode Module We can offer different 635nm pigtailed laser diode module with built-in InGaAs monitor PD, which can be used in light source detection or instruments.
    1. Red Laser Diode
    2. Red Laser DiodeThe 650nm red laser diode is provided in a coaxial plug-in type package. It adopts the 635nm or 650nm red laser chip with an output power ranging from 1MW to 20MW. This device can be used as the fiber-optic indicator light, red laser pointer, and break point indicator.